Active Slips

What follows is a chart summarizing current ship construction in the known galaxy.

New construction projects can be ordered in empty slips, or queued-up in slips that are currently occupied.

Prices and construction times are negotiated with the shipyard.

Almost all starports of type C or better have Hulls of Class “C” or smaller generally available for purchase in limited numbers.

Starport World System Slip Size Current Project(s)
Freedom1 Earth Sol G Unknown Project
Aries1 Mars Sol J <empty>
G <empty>
G <empty>
Nyx Titan Sol D 5, <empty>
Rome-Aventine Romulus Lupus G Unknown Project
D 5, Defense Force Corvettes x5
Chiron Gamma Centaurus G Unknown Project
fn1. These ports have "D" Slips To-Order - they will (almost) always have slips open for ships of this size.

Active Slips

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