Systems – Locations: (-3,2)

Red Giant
6 Orbits
1 Gas Giant
Jump Shadow: 3

For the Epsi system:

  1. Small Rock – X-200000-0, Standard Ore (Plentiful)
  2. Large Rock – X-AA6000-0, Mammals, Chemical Oceans
  3. Planetoid – X-120000-0, Standard Ore (Plentiful)
  4. Planetoid – X-000000-0, Heavy Ore (Moderate), Asteroid Belt
  5. Planetoid – Inner, X-160000-0, Strong Magnetic Field
  6. Gas Giant – Neptunian, Radiation Belt(!)
    1. Small Rock – X-240000-0, Volatile, Radiation Belt(!)
    2. Small Ice – E-230000-0, Radiation Belt(!)
    3. Planetoid – X-020000-0, Radiation Belt(!)


Database: Prior to the Zura attacks, the planet in orbit 2 was home to a large research facility that was making great strides in understanding the unique, naturally-occurring chemicals and mammalian life on that world. Several battles occurred in this system; the Alliance 10th and 12th fleets were lost in the battle that this system finally fell in.

Danger! – Radiation Field: The radiation field appears to be of strength 1, and of strength X in the giant’s atmosphere and close to the gas giant’s 2nd moon. The radiation field appears to be centered on the gas giant, and the radiation is trapped in the giants magnetic field. A small, secondary field appears to emanate from the 2nd moon.

Information conflict: one submission reports X=3, another reports X=2.


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