Systems – Location: (-1,1)

Terran Alliance

Red Giant
5 Orbits
1 Gas Giant
Jump Shadow: 4

  1. Rhea Silvia – Gas Giant – Jupiterian
  2. Damnatii – Planetoid – D-040100-7 – Standard Ore (Plentiful)
  3. Romulus – Terrestrial – B-9938CF-10 – System Capital, Precious Ore (Plentiful)
  4. Remus – Terrestrial – C-95A522-6
  5. Centurion – Terrestrial – D-88A344-8


Lupus was the second system to be colonized by Humans, and the system closest to Earth to have been hit by a Zura attack.

Since the Lupus system’s gas giant is located near its star, part of the system economy consists of transporting fuel to the outer planets. so that passing ships can be supplied quickly.


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