Ship Costs

Ship hulls follow the following formula (roughly):

RP = 10 * 2 ^ (hull size)

Here’s the base RP cost:

Class RP
A – 20
B – 40
C – 80
D – 160
E – 320
F – 640
G – 1280
H – 2560
I – 5120
J – 10240

Ordering a ship at a shipyard will cost roughly double the base RP cost, or best offer. Slips will often hold secret bids.

Big ships are VERY expensive, but the economy is flexible. You are encouraged to make deals, or trade in unique or rare goods… Also, the payment doesn’t have to occur up-front, and loans may be available.

Build times at starports tend to be faster than in Factories – they have tons of space and specialized equipment.

Ship Costs

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