Starports have repair facilities, supplies, and construction slips, depending on the level of the port. Ports may vary, see individual planet descriptions.

Class Description Repairs Max Slip Space Facilities?
A State-of-the-art facility, the very best. Engineering 6 J-class yes
B Large, high-tech facility Engineering 5 G-class yes
C Common Alliance starport Engineering 4 D-class sometimes
D Low end or run-down starport Engineering 2 A-class no
E Frontier, bare-bones starport Good Luck no
X No starport present


D: Supplies are often limited in type or supply, and D-class starports may not be able to repair all systems.

E: Supplies are very limited and availability is random. Repairs at whatever level of skill the local colony has, usually low.

Repairs indicate the Engineering skill level of the starport.
Maximum Slip Size is the largest ship class that may be constructed here.
Space Facilities? indicates whether there is an orbital facility present.


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